Curation & Excerpting Policy

Curation Policy

Our curation is designed to send the readers of our site to your site and articles.

We curated and excerpted your article because we found it to be outstanding in some way(s) and wanted to share it with our audience so that others could appreciate it too.

Should you not want us to excerpt your content, contact us at and request that the link to your story or video be taken down from our site. We will immediately comply with your request and put you on a list of sites to never excerpt from.

The overwhelming majority of emails that we get about the curations on our site are from publishers, editors and writers who are delighted to receive additional exposure and readership for their stories as a result of our curation. Our goal is to cover the best writing and ideas in the alcoholism world and to spread the news to our readership in order to best help them with this addiction.

Excerpting Policy

Most publishers and authors recognize the value in having their stories and articles quoted, discussed, linked to and/or simply appreciated by a new audience of readers.

Social sharing of online content only extends the reach, impact, effectiveness and profitability of the original publisher’s website.

We are excerpting your content about alcoholism in order to inform and help our readers by directing them to the original source of the excerpt: your website.

If you like a story or video on our site, we are pleased and gratified. Please feel free to excerpt it as generously as you wish. In return we ask for clear credit, links back to the article, and perhaps some encouragement for interested readers to visit the original article.

Here is what we will never do

We will never publish your article or video on our website. Instead, we write an introductory summary that adds context and meaning to your content and then provide a link to it, thus driving traffic to your website.

Professional conduct and reciprocal courtesy are absolutely necessary in any business, including businesses that are based online. These are our standards and we stand by them with the desired outcome of greater success for your business and for ours. Feel free to contact us at